Who we are

        We are a free exercise and community involvement group dedicated to helping active duty military, veterans and their families’ transition into a healthy life once they separate from the military.

How we do it

          Once a week we organize free exercise groups in various locations across San Antonio, bringing together other Veterans and their families to promote a more active life style to help build their self-confidence and self-worth. Once a month we organize competitive groups to run in various 5ks, 10ks, bike marathons and obstacle course runs located in and around the San Antonio area. Also, once a month, we organize a community volunteer event to address some of the issues taking place in San Antonio currently. We at Honor 22 believe that exercising your body is only half of the process to transition successfully; building a better community is the other half.

What separates us from other Support Groups?  
We are a locally operated support group, dedicated to helping San Antonio Veterans and their families. We are not nationally operated.

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