Engraving Services  

Text, Logo or Designs on Firearms and other components

Using our CNC and engraving programs it is possible to add text, logos or even some simple images onto the flat surfaces of firearms and components. There are limitations based on the material and engraving option desired. However, the options available are quite vast and we can create a program with a customer provided image so long as it meets the basic criteria for our programs. Additionally; while we possess the ability to engrave other company logos and images, this can only be done with permission from the copyright owner of the logo/image. Basically, if an image is trademarked or otherwise copyrighted we will need written permission from the copyright owner sent to us prior to engraving the item desired. Images that are in common use can be engraved freely.

NFA/Trust Engravings

We are able to engrave NFA info for trusts and individuals, all our engravings are to BATF spec for firearms markings. Please understand that an engraved receiver by itself does not allow you to construct an NFA weapon (SBR,SBS etc). You will need to file your paperwork with BATF and pay the tax stamp for the NFA item. Once you have the completed NFA paperwork back from BATF then and only then can you construct the NFA item specified in the paperwork. DareingArms LLC is not responsible in any way shape or form for any actions taken with your weapons.

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