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     We are a USN veteran owned, custom small arms manufacturing operatio that can create most anything you want from the ground up. DareingArms LLC Founder/CEO Robert Bruce Dareing possesses both a lifetime of weapons experience and a background in precision manufacturing. Based out of Denton, Tx off of East HWY 380, we specialize in numerous types of weapons for repairs, refinishing and modification. We also sell any firearm or part currently availible on the market.

     DareingArms LLC is about making something custom suited to your needs without breaking the bank. Want something with your company logo or a custom one of a kind model in orange tiger stripe? Or perhaps just a simple black rifle for hunting. Whatever the need is, we want to meet it. Our company goal is to constantly improve our products and give each customer the ability to have something truly custom. Without having to wait for several months or years and doing it on your budget.

     All custom builds, gunsmithing and refinishing work carries a warranty for the life of the firearm upon completion of the work desired. We take a high level of pride in our products and are always working to improve them on a daily basis, if you have any suggestions on possible improvements we would like to hear them. Your feedback helps us create a better product not only for you but for any future customers.

Robert Bruce Dareing

Robert Bruce Dareing

President / CEO

Bruce is a US Navy Veteran and has been working on firearms for over 20 years.

Jennifer Binford

Jennifer Binford

Vice President / EO

Jennifer is our VP and manages all our marketing, logistics, orders, shipping and customer service. 

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DareingArms LLC

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